Don’t let yourself believe
that your performance has a limit.
Prove today
what was impossible yesterday.



Natural ingredients supply the energy you need from the first instance of your performance. Without the effect of kickstarters, an unpleasant taste in your mouth or abdominal pain.
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Extend the duration of your activity several times over. Instead of 60 minutes, you can play sports at full throttle for two hours. One recommended dose can energize your body for up to 300 minutes!
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Edgar contains substances that
promote regeneration. The day after
prolonged exertion you will
certainly be ready for the next round.
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Whey protein





BCAA(Branched Chain
Amino Acids)





High-quality whey protein, an easily digestible and usable protein for your body. It contains up to 90% protein, so almost no fat in it. It will help you build superior muscle mass and achieve improved muscle fiber regeneration. Ideal muscle nutrition for intensive training, to increase their volume, your performance, and shorten recovery times. There is only a minimal amount of it in edgar. It serves to prolong the release of glucose into the blood.
You commonly know it as glucose or blood sugar. It’s a monosaccharide from aldohexoses. Glucose has unique importance for your body, because it provides an immediate source of energy and, as the only representative of saccharides, is a permanent part of your blood.
Your body usually encounters it in the form of traditional beet or cane sugar. It is the most common disaccharide, composed of glucose and fructose.
A very convenient energy source, it’s formed by combining five glucose molecules. The result is the more gradual release of glucose as an energy source. It’s able to deliver the power you need for a longer period of time than ordinary sugars themselves.
Isomaltulose, trademark name Palatinose, is a naturally occurring disaccharide found in honey and molasses. Like sucrose, it consists of one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose. Palatinose has a relatively low glycemic index value - 32 - and is therefore good for maintaining and optimizing your physical and mental performance.
Branched chain amino acids: L- Leucine, L- Isoleucine, L- Valine. BCAA have a major effect on muscle recovery and protect them under strain. They are the only amino acids that your body can use as a direct source of energy. Their properties make them good for treating cancer and AIDS. As a single amino acid, your body can use them as a direct source of energy.
This non-essential amino acid helps improve your physical performance and extend your stamina. It also allows you to put off fatigue.
Combining amino acid “L-citrulline” and malate (product of intermediate metabolism) forms this substance. It increases energy production (ATP) in the body by more than 30% by using oxygen more efficiently during both exercise and rest. It aids in converting fat into energy. It protects the blood from acidification, which makes an intensive workout possible. It also assists in detoxifying the liver, removing ammonia and lactic acid from your muscles, and stimulating your immune system. It increases your sexual activity and performance. Using it improves endurance, resistance to fatigue, and aids in regeneration.
Glutamine is among the most common amino acids in the human body. It ranks among preventive and regenerative supplements that have a strong anti-catabolic effect. After an intensive physical performance, it can take up to 6 days before the level of glutamine returns to normal. It plays a key role in the detoxification of the body. It regulates the formation of glycogen in the liver and acts as a fuel in many tissues.
This is a fat in the form of an oil, obtained by the fractional distillation of palm, palm kernel and coconut oils. It contains fatty acids of medium chain length (C-6, C-8, C-10). Opposite to other fats, the metabolic pathway of MCT oil is entirely atypical. Traditional fats are not immediately useful, because they must get into subcutaneous tissue before the body can use them. These fats are not energy usable for several hours following ingestion. The situation is dramatically different when taking MCT oil. Bile is not required to digest them and the body can absorb them even during exercise. They can therefore be immediately used for energy and not stored under the skin. In addition, MCT oil can significantly affect your overall metabolism, namely in accordance with the overall energy balance of other nutrients administered with MCT oil. When your energy intake is limited, MCT oil promotes the release of fat from subcutaneous tissue and burning them. When you have excess energy, it helps the overall anabolism of the organism.

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